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Born from the idea of a friend to combine a classic Pen and Paper campaign with a group-event in a separate MMORPG run via a messenger service, this software allows for simple and easy tracking of various stats for participants in a tabletop role-playing-style game.

The page is divided into two major parts: The starting page which gives an overview over all players, their stats and the enemy health as well as a password-protected administrative panel, which allows the game master to add players, add experience to the players, adjust the stats of each player individually (Health, Damage, Accuracy, Defense, Regeneration), and set the health values for the enemy.

Four of the player stats are divided into two parts: a base value and a modifier value. The base value is dictated by the integrated XP/Level-progression system while the modifier values can be set by the game master. In addition to that the health stat has two additional fields, one showing the maximum health and one for the game master to set the current health.

The last value, Regeneration, is a single value of how much health a player regenerates when applied. The regeneration can be applied one of two ways, via a player-specific regeneration button, or a global button which applies the player-specific regeneration value to each player.

On a separate page the game master can set the health values for the parties enemy or boss encounter, namely the total health and the current health, which is displayed (in %) via the progress-bar on the starting page.

Should this have gotten your attention and you want to try it out, feel free to go to the demonstration-website using the button below or contact me using either the form on the contact-page or directly via mail: info@harbring.com