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Overview - Starting Page
Overview - Membersettings
Overview - Gear

When joining my current FFXIV-Static I noticed that we used multiple separate spreadsheets to organize (times, lootpriority, etc), which got me thinking “What if there was a central place to organize all that?”

Driven by that thought I started looking into the several spreadsheets and started investigating how one could feasibly unite all those under one surface, which resulted in this project.

The basis is formed by a simple page to set the members names, primary and secondary jobs (and thus their overall roles).

The first focus was on the organization of times, for that purpose each member has their own page, where everyone can set their own availability for each two-hour timeslot as “Available”, “Maybe” or “Unavailable”. All timeslots where every member has set themselves as “Available” will be displayed on the starting page. In addition to that there is a detailed page showing all members status for every timeslot.

Shortly after I added the function for every member to set their gear, both their current and their desired (BiS) gear.

The last major building block was the page where (usually) the raid leader can set the priorities for every gear slot for every member. Those priorities are then displayed in the “Lootpriority”-column on the starting page. This allows everyone to see on a glance which member has the highest priority for a certain drop and can conveniently checked off directly on the starting page.

Statics that want to make use of that page would get their own URL where they can reach their groups own page, secured by a password set by the group themselves, to ensure only the members have access to and can change settings on the page.

Should you be interested in using this project or have any further questions, feel free to contact me under this mail address: